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2016 Schedule and Rates
Daily Shuttles
Anchorage * Talkeetna * Denali * Fairbanks

Tours between Alaska and Yukon Canada
Tours * 6-days a week

Fairbanks-Dawson City-Whitehorse May 27-Sep 16
Fairbanks-Denali-Talkeetna-Anchorage Apr 21-Sep 30

Charter service available on request Statewide and throughout Yukon, Canada


Do I choose a tour bus or small group travel in a van?

Enjoy small group travel with Alaska/Yukon Trails in vans with 360 degree visibility.  While attractive on the outside, buses, (also marketed as “luxury coaches”) provide limited visibility unless seated at a window.  In a bus, you see only the back of the captain seat in front of you, which can and usually does recline into your space much like airline seating, with about the same amount of leg room as an airline.  While windows look large on the outside of a bus, unless you are seated at a window or leaning over to look down the center isle to see out the front window your visibility is very limited.

Alaska/Yukon Trails stops at local business for rest stops every 1-1.5 hours.  These rest stops provide clean restrooms and a place to purchase food to bring on board, unlike bus transportation/tours which stop at state parks with outhouses and no running water, or hotels which they own and operate. Imagine standing in line with 55 fellow travelers waiting for an outhouse.  Small group travel and comfortable vans or mini coaches is your best option unless you wish to sleep while traveling.


Daily Shuttle
Apr 21-Sept 30, 2016

between each way
Anchorage - Fairbanks $99
Anchorage-stop-over Denali - Fairbanks $109
Anchorage - Denali  $75
Fairbanks - Denali $55
Talkeetna - Denali $65
Talkeetna - Fairbanks $92

+$7 for airport pick-up and drop
+$5 hotel pick-up/drop in Fairbanks & Denali

Schedule & Fares...





May 27-Sept 16, 2016
 via Top-of-the-World, Alaska and Klondike Highways

Fairbanks-Dawson City-Whitehorse 

$385 US per person

Fairbanks to Dawson City only
$285 US per person
 (continuation to/from Whitehorse add $100) 
  Sundays, Tuesdays and Fridays
Departs Fairbanks 7:00-7:15a (AK Time)
Arrives Dawson City 5:30-6:00p (AK Time)
  Monday, Wednesday and Saturday
Departs Dawson City 9:00-9:15a (YK Time)
Arrives Whitehorse 5:00-5:15p (YK Time) 
  Sundays, Tuesdays and Fridays
Departs Whitehorse 7:00-7:15a (YK Time)
Arrives Dawson City  1:45-2:00p (YK Time) 
  Sundays, Tuesdays and Fridays
Departs Dawson City 2:00-2:15p (YK Time) 
Arrives Fairbanks 10:30-11:00p (AK Time)

Departs/Arrives - your hotel, B&B or hostel in each city
Canadian regulations require minimum of 2 persons traveling.
(Single travelers call for information on joining tours)

Whitehorse, Dawson City & Alaska



Alaska's most popular small group shuttles and tours.

Alaska/Yukon Trails
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