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Payment & Cancellation Policy

Reservations While advanced reservations are not necessary, and walk-on's are welcome, Alaska/Yukon Trails  guarantees seats on any trip only with reservations pre-paid or held with a credit card.  This is especially true during peak travel days (June-August). It is always advisable to make a reservation in advance to guarantee a seat. You may secure a seat in advance by credit card over the phone, in writing, fax, or paying in person to any driver on any route. 

Cancellations  Please understand that Alaska has a very short operating season, a high demand, and many requests for travel.  Therefore, Alaska/Yukon Trails adheres strictly to the stated cancellation policy. Exceptions are NOT made to our policy for any reason, including medical or family emergencies. We strongly suggest that you purchase travel insurance to cover any unforeseen expenses or cancellations. Travel insurance may be purchased from any travel agent.  

Alaska/Yukon Trails charges a $15 processing fee for all reservation cancellations up to 48-hours prior to the first reservation date (not departure time).  "No-shows" or cancellations made within 48 hours of the departure DATE (not departure time), will be charged for the full ticket fare. 

Changes Travel date change may be made at anytime up to 48-hours prior to the first reservation date, with no penalty fee, providing space is available on the new date requested.  

Note: The above cancellation and change policy does not apply to charters. For cancellation policy on charter reservations please contact us at 800 770-7275.

Liability  Unforeseen circumstances in route arise more frequently in Alaska then in parts of the world that enjoy paved expressway and freeway.  In Alaska delays may arise because of wildlife on the road, weather, road construction, poor road conditions, and vehicle maintenance issues. In some parts of Alaska there are limited or no service, not even cell phone services or 911 services.  In some instance, drivers must relay need for road assistance by stopping another vehicle and ask the driver to travel to the nearest phone - which could be many miles - and relay to the home office or appropriate service provider the need for assistance.   

While Alaska/Yukon Trails makes every effort to provide service as described, please remember late arrivals/departures may occur because of  animals on the road, road conditions such as snow, ice, mud obstructions, slow driving conditions because of poor or no road maintenance, road construction, and/or maintenance problems with vehicles based on rough travel conditions, i.e., flat tires, etc.  If  maintenance problems occur, Alaska/Yukon Trails dispatches another vehicle from its nearest equipment yard to provide continued service.  However, as with airlines, and because of the distances of all routes, delays can be several hours. Alaska/Yukon Trails DOES NOT REFUND OR PRO-RATE FARES DUE TO DELAYS or pay fees for cancellation of accommodations or attractions affiliated with late arrives and therefore recommends that travelers purchase travel insurance if traveling on a tight schedule.   

  • All Prices & Times are subject to change without notice

  • Tickets are good for the calendar year in which they were purchased.

  • A re-boarding pass MUST be presented to re-board Alaska/Yukon Trails, when passenger has broken travel over several days. Please make reservations to guarantee a seat using a round-trip ticket.

  • All fares, schedules, rules, and regulations are subject to change without notice.

  • Alaska/Yukon Trails or its parent companies (Parks Highway Express, Inc. in Canada and Alpenglow, Inc in Alaska) cannot assume responsibility for inconvenience, expense or damage resulting from errors in timetables, delays in arrivals/departures, or failure to make connections, and will not be held responsible for loss due to late arrivals/departures or no shows.

Lost Items Alaska/Yukon Trails cannot accept the responsibility for lost or damaged baggage or belongings.  Lost items not claimed in 30-days are donated to the Fairbanks Rescue Mission.   

Baggage Limits Two medium size bags (of a size that can be wheeled onto an airline) or their equivalent plus one hand held carry on such as a purse, computer bag or brief case are included in the price of the fare.  Any luggage over this limit is accepted at the drivers discretion.  An excess luggage fee of $10 per bag is charged for each piece over the limit.  Examples of excess luggage include camping and climbing gear, bicycles, foldable or inflatable raft, canoes and/or kayaks, wheel chairs or walkers and seeing-eye dogs.  Passengers who know they will have excess luggage should alert the reservationist when making a reservation to discuss excess luggage fees and to assure that the excess luggage can be accommodated.  

Animals  Alaska/Yukon Trails accommodates animals if they are carried in an animal transportation cage.  An excess baggage fee from $10 to $100 depending on the size of the carrying cage is charged.  Certified seeing-eye dogs may board without a cage, but will be charged an excess luggage fee.  No animals are allowed on passenger seats.  Unaccompanied animals are not accepted and Alaska/Yukon Trails reserves the route to refuse to continue to carry animals that become ill-mannered or sick during travel.  This is a protection to other passengers. No refund is given for animals and/or their owners if they are unable to continue travel due to sick or ill-mannered animals.

Immigration:  Crossing the border Canada/United States
All passengers must have a machine readable passport and all necessary visas.

Overnight Accommodations 
Lodging is not included in any fare and must be arranged for and paid separately.  Travel between certain destinations (particularly when using two separate routes) usually involve an overnight.  Generally, Alaska/Yukon Trails reservation agents can suggest accommodations.

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